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  • T8 Tubes starting at $9.00 CAD (case of 30)
  • High Bay Lights starting at $130 CAD  (21000LM)

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Through the use of an intelligent lighting control system you can have individual light control over all your lights.

Imagine being able to dim one High Bay Light in a warehouse of 300 High Bays from your phone or centralized control panel.   

Schedule after hour light control, on or off, dimming to match your business hours.

At Factory LEDs we strive to provide the best available commercial LED lighting, combining Quality - Reliability and Value into a customized lighting solution. 

Talk to the experts at Factory LEDs for renovation or new construction lighting. 

We have the top products in the marketplace with the latest energy efficiency. 


Whether you are a large business or electrical contractor, we have the right commercial LED light for you.

We carefully research numerous manufacturing companies to test their products and independently reviewed their product for proper certification, quality and reliability.

The result is a great product line of commercial LED light products.


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