Audio Products

It is important to have your audio system designed properly in order to ensure complete satisfaction. Let the experts at Factory LED Lights Inc design the most appropriate audio system for your business.

  • Restaurants

  • Retail /Office

  • Sports Bars

Factory LED Lights Inc has some excellent commercial audio products that meets the needs of a wide range of businesses:

Restaurants and Bar - Pendant Mount

Restaurant sound systems designed for background music, foreground sound and paging. Through our partners we have designed thousands of restaurant sound systems for a wide variety of applications, designs, and layouts. We can make it easy to budget and purchase the perfect restaurant speaker system package for your floor plan. From simple background music and paging to high-powered foreground music for sport’s bars and TV sound, you can tailor music formats, sound coverage control and customer paging capabilities in outdoor entrance areas, hostess reception stations, waiting areas, bars, restaurant dining areas, bathroom and washrooms, kitchens and outdoor patios with zone and routing control.

Small Retail and Restaurants

This retail store and restaurant sound system provides consistent high-performance audio quality great for background music to enhance your customers' overall shopping or mealtime experience without interfering with their conversation. Perfect for retail stores, shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, its Bluetooth capability allows you to connect with your phone, iPod, iPad, MP3 player, computer or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Restaurants and Bar – In Ceiling Mount

his restaurant sound system with SoundTube CM31-EZ in-ceiling speakers and Pure Resonance Audio 4-zone Bluetooth mixer amplifier is perfect for large restaurants, bars, bistros, coffee shops, outdoor music coverage and anywhere a high-performance background music system is needed.  Each of the 4 inputs can easily be designated to a different zone, allowing this multi-source mixer-amplifier to provide audio to 4 different zones. Each input is also supplied with separate bass, treble and volume control for precise sound in each individual zone. Background music, paging, public address, the RZMA120BT has it all covered in any 70V commercial multi-zone audio system. The RZMA120BT is simple to operate without complicated programming. It is equipped with zone-selectable inputs, meaning that an input can be assigned to any output.