Food Processing - Lighting Requirements

The light needed for food processing operations depends on the functions that occur in the particular place. The more critical the operation is in protecting food from contamination, the greater the required light intensity. At least 50 foot candles (540 lux) will be required in processing areas where food employees work with utensils or equipment such as knives, slicers, grinders, or saws where employees safety is a factor.

Even higher intensities of 100 foot candles (1080 lux) or more is needed in areas where inspections are conducted on the product or packaging materials. The Inspection areas should have a light with a CRI (Color Retention Index) of 90 or greater.  This will ensure that the color of the meat will be accurately reflected in from the light.

Less intense light is needed in receiving areas, walk in refrigerators, storage areas, locker rooms, and restrooms. Nevertheless, lighting should be adequate to conduct operations in a safe and efficient manner. Darker colored walls and floors may require additional lighting.

Examples of areas within food processing facilities and recommended light levels are provided below:

  • Product inspection 110-130 Foot Candles  (CRI 90)
  • Packaging 70-80  Foot Candles  
  • Processing areas 55-65 Foot Candles
  • Bulk ingredient storage 30-40  Foot Candles
  • Ingredient warehouse 20-30 Foot Candles
  • Finished product warehouse 20-30 Foot Candles.

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Food Processing application

The  TS Series High Bay Light above is high pressure wash down rated ,IP69K rated, shatterproof, plastic lens cover and smooth surfaces to ensure easy cleaning.  This light comes in 150W or 200W and is well suited for all food processing factories, slaughter houses, and protein processing facilities.  This High Bay has been designed to meet the harsh environment of this industry allowing for daily wash down of the light..   This High Bay is not only economical but can also come in both CRI 80 and CRI90 for food inspection areas.

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High Bay Food Smart Series

Food Processing LED Lights.

High Bay Food Processing Smart Series

Food Processing High Bay TS Series

The Food Processing industry has special requirements to ensure overall food safety.  In light of these requirements the LED manufactures have modified their products to meet the needs of this industry.  All Food Processing lights are NSF Certified, as well as cULus and DLC certified