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As an alternative to panel lights, you can select a new lighting design to light up an office environment with the use of ceiling LED strip Lighting.  This option provides you with a unique look and feel for the office.

One of the main benefits of LED panel lights is that you can control the dimming of the fixture unlike the traditional fluorescent lights.

LED Panel lights can also come equipped to change the Color Temperature to suit the office or business environment.  This option is great for Hotel meeting rooms where you can change the color from office natural white during the day for a business meeting and then change it at night for a social event.

2ft x 4ft Panel Light
2ft x 2ft Panel Light

Dimming and Color Temperature Control Panel Lights

Office Lights

LED Panel Lights for the Office

An alternative to T8 Tube lights is to replace the entire fixture with new LED Panel lights.  LED Panel Lights have better Energy efficiency and better light distribution  which make these lights the best alternative to converting to LED lights for an office.

Studies have shown that improving the light with natural white light of LEDs is less straining on the eyes and improves productivity in the office.

LED Panel lights come in the common sizes to fit most suspended ceiling in sizes of  2x2, 1x4 and 2x4 feet.  


Panel Lights for Suspended Ceiling

Ceiling LED Strips - Alternative to Panel Lights