Cost Savings Calculator

Would you like to know how much you can save by converting to LED Lights?  Let us help you.  We have a simple Savings Calculator below (click to download) that we can use to customize a savings calculation for your location.  Simply email us and we would be happy to show you.

Here is a sample of a typical warehouse and the savings realized.

Cost Saving Calculator Pic - Dec 13 2019

Professional Consultation for all your Commercial Lighting needs

Light Level Simulation

At Factory LEDs we have a team of professionals that can assist you in designing your LED Lighting for your Office, Warehouse or Factory.

Using computer simulation we can demonstrate the lighting levels for your location before you make the investment into LED Lighting.


Below example is a Hockey Rink simulation.

  • Ensure occupational health and safety light levels are met.

  • Determine the appropriate light for every area.

  • Consult with worker and owners to determine lighting needs.

Commercial Site Review

Factory LEDS can give you a complimentary on site review of your lighting needs.  By taking accurate light level measurements you can ensure that you will get the best lighting product to meet your requirements.

We can ensure that you meet or exceed the occupational health and safety minimum requirements for your work place.

Financing Options

Contact us to discuss your financing options.

Canada 587-333-1842   |   USA 214-396-2232

Lighting Distribution Patterns

Color Temperature Chart

Color Temperature is referenced in Degree Kelvin or CT.  Finding the right color temperature to suit your installation can sometime be confusing.


Please refer to the chart to the right as a guide to color temperature selection.