In order to retrofit from linear fluorescent to linear LED you have a couple of good options.

The first option is a  Plug-and-play/ direct fit linear LED (UL type A)

A plug-and-play, or direct fit, linear LED is probably what you're imagining –– a simple, one-for-one swap out of the original linear fluorescent lamp. This lamp works directly with the existing fluorescent ballast, so there is no rewiring nor ballast change required.  This option will NOT WORK with Magnetic ballasts.

The second option is Ballast-bypass/ line voltage/ direct wire linear LED  (UL type B)

Bypass the ballast linear LEDs –– also known as line voltage or direct-wire linear LEDs –– work straight off the line voltage flowing directly to the sockets, requiring you to remove the original fluorescent ballast.

T8 LED Tube

Some of the main features of our most popular 4ft 18W Ballast Compatible T8 Tube are:

  • Gold plated wires (no cheap alloy)
  • Isolated Driver
  • 19mm PC glued to base for better heat sink
  • Hi Pot Test to 2500V (competition can not pass 1000V Hi Pot Test)
  • Works with magnetic and Electronic Ballasts
  • Continues to work when the ballast dies.
  • 5 year warranty

T8 Tubes 18W - 2300LM - 4ft - Plug and Play

T8 Tubes 36W - 43200LM - 8ft - Direct wire.

Specification Sheet  click here

T8 LED Tube Lights

Quality - Economical
Commercial Lighting
T8 LED Tube

Click herefor a list of tested compatible ballasts to ensure compatibility with our Ballast Compatible T8 Tubes..


Ballast Compatible T8 Tubes are high quality and are designed for extended long term use.